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On discovering new music in 1994

In 1994, finding new music was difficult. You couldn’t just hop on Myspace or iTunes or Pandora or Allmusic or Youtube. And you couldn’t just download shit from the Internet. You had to listen to the radio, go to shows, … Continue reading

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Search engine history: WebCrawler

Apparently 1994 was a big year for search engines. WebCrawler, Lycos, AltaVista, Infoseek, and the Yahoo directory (originally yahoo was a collection of links not a search engine) all got started in 1994. Google wasn’t launched until 1998. Pretty crazy, … Continue reading

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The Internet in 1994

Want to see what the Internet looked like in 1994? Take a look at this January 1994 video created by the Digital Equipment Corporation: The Web browser is Mosaic and the operating system is Windows 3.0. Pretty spartan, no? Good … Continue reading

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